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I'm Andrew Boff, for 15 years an Assembly Member for London. Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to the service of our city and its people. Today, I am asking for your backing to lead our great city into a brighter future.

For too long, London has been led by someone who creates division fuelled by political ideology and it's time for change - Time for a Mayor who focuses on what matters to everyday Londoners and brings them together to face its challenges.

And heres how I will achieve that:

I'll scrap the ULEZ expansion, clean our air and provide a transport system for all Londoners, not just the few, by bringing elderly and disabled people back into the conversation.  

As the son of a Police officer who knew the importance of connecting to communities, I'll invest in our neighbourhoods, boost police presence by providing more local bases and provide more support for victims of violence.  I’ll also restore the confidence that Londoners need in their Police service .

To build more homes I'll cut red tape, get more people into the business of building and massively increase the number of family-sized homes without threatening the Green Belt or building souless tower blocks. I will also ensure that more Council homes are built, like the one that I was born in that provided my parents with their first step towards home-ownership.

I'll embrace the digital future, support our local businesses, and foster innovation inclding technology that makes living in London easier and more connected.

As the most experienced of the candidates for Mayor, I also know how to get all this done.

If our great party is to win in London we need a candidate who has the experience to deliver on their promises, fully engage with our associations, MPs, AMs, and councillors and energise our members to bring electoral success at every level of government. 

If I am the candidate I will beat Khan and build a London that Londoners deserve, together.

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